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Welcome to We are a website and podcast dedicated to celebrating storytelling in the sci-if, sword and sorcery, fantasy, comic, and other like genres. We celebrate the many storytelling genres from written to spoken to visual mediums. We hope you will join us as we explore the galaxy one story at a time.

Meet the team.

Frank is is our Social Media Manager who gets the word out about our nonsensical journies. He interacts with our fellow lovers of story. He calls Ireland home.

Wayne is my co-host in crime.  He is a sports news editor from Canada.

Jesse is my name. I am a pastor in Northeast Georgia mountains at Sunnyside Baptist Church Toccoa Ga.  You can find out more about the church I serve and dig into sermons, devotions, our radio show and other tidbits at  My love of books and story began with book and record books of Star Wars, He-Man among others, and continues today.

You can contact me at  I would enjoy hearing from you.

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