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Hello, my name is Jesse and I’m a Sci-Finatic.  His name is Wayne and he is a Sci-Finatic.  We hope that you will join us and enjoy stories.  We hope that you too will become a Sci-Finatic.

Coming soon.  Wayne and Jesse are making a comeback to the podcasting universe. We will celebrate and enjoy stories from the Sci-Fi, Sword and Sorcery, Fantasy, Comic, and like genres.

The show will consist of three segments. Segment 1: Star Wars, 2: Storytime, which can come from a Book, TV /Movie, or other form, and 3: Submitted Topic from Social Media.

We need topics from you!  Facebook Page, or share with us on Twitter.  We need topics and shows and movies to review (great if they are on Netflix).

Come explore the galaxy with us, one story at a time.

Thank You For Sharing

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